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Sample of Lesson Plan in Science V

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region III
Division of Nueva Ecija
District of Jaen

Lesson Plan in Science V
Date:_____ Time:______
I.                    Objectives:

1.       Classify animals according to the food they eat.
2.       Name animals according to each classification.
3.       Show concern and love for animals.

                   Values:  Love for animals
                                  Work harmoniously and cooperatively

II.                  Subject Matter:
Classification of Animals According to the Food they Eat
a.       PEELC p. 6 Into the Future: Science and Health V p. 52-54
b.      Animals are classified according to the food they eat.
Animals that eat meat belong to the carnivorous group. Animals that eat plants belong to the herbivorous group. Animals that eat both plants and animals belong to the omnivorous.
c.       Classifying, identifying , observing, describing
d.      Pictures of animals that eat grass, flesh meat, flashcards, chart, activity cards

III.                  Procedure:

A.      Preliminary activities
1.       Review
How do birds get the food? Cows and Carabaos? Insects? Tiger and Lions?
2.       Checking of assignment
3.       Motivation:
Look at these animals(showing picture) Can you classify these animals in their proper heading? How?

B.      Presentation:
The pupils will be grouped into #. Each group will answer the activity cards assigned to them.
Group I - List all animals shown in the picture that eat plant/ grass
Group II- Animals that eat both flesh/ meat and grass/ plant

Activity Proper:
Problem: How are animals are classified?
The pupils will refer to the activity that the teacher distributes.

C.      Concern Formation
Observation and Inferences;
Look the animals in your activity. Classify them according to the food they eat.

D.      Generalization:
What do you call those animals that eat grass/ plants?
Those that eat flesh/ meat?
Those that eat both plants and meat?

E.       Application:
Give other examples of herbivorous, carnivorous and animals.

IV.                Evaluation:
Classify the following animals according to the food they eat.

Camel                           Crocodile                             Turkey                                     Bird
Goat                              Rabbit                                  Chicken                                  Frog
Grasshopper                Spider                                     Duck                                             Pig

V.                  Assignment:
Draw 2 examples of animals that belong to the herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous group.

                                                     Prepared by:   
                                                                               MARILOU P. PILLARINA
                                                                          Teacher III


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